The events surrounding the ‘trial’ of Professor Lloyd Geering for ‘heresy’ in the late 1960s were unprecedented in New Zealand history. In the late 1960s Lloyd Geering became a public figure among New Zealanders when he was charged with ‘doctrinal error’ – generally referred to as ‘heresy’ – and ‘disturbing the peace and unity of the [Presbyterian] church’. Led by a group of conservative laymen, the charges were brought before the church’s General Assembly in Christchurch in 1967 but were eventually dismissed.

These dramatic events and those that followed through to 1971 are described in Lloyd Geering’s own words in this BWB Text. Such a treaty, she says, has little credible economic rationale but could have potentially dangerous effects on our ability to decide for ourselves how we address the economic, environmental, social and Treaty challenges of the twenty-first century. At a time of consitutional review, the secrecy surrounding the TPPA negotiations raises hard questions about the future shape of New Zealand.

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  • Autobiography religion heresy trial Geering New Zealand
    Language: English / Published: 25 July 2013


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